Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Wednesday Wanderings (2)

It's already Wednesday and I've only received one book. It's a slow week for me, it seems.

Wednesday Wanderings is a weekly meme, hosted here at Words on Paper. I'll decide on a topic to focus on each week, ask a few questions for you to answer, as well as give my own opinion.

This weeks topic: ARCs

For your information, an ARC is short for Advance Readers Copy, which some publishers call ARE, Advance Readers Edition.
You receive an ARC. Now what?
It's become typical of book bloggers to post up reviews around its release date. Do publishers, readers prefer it this way? I wonder. I haven't yet read an ARC, though I have a few sitting there, waiting to be read. Just two-three more months...I'd like to hear some more publisher opinions on the matter of receiving & reviewing ARCs.

What's the fascination with ARCs?
For me, ARCs just have that special-ness to them. I personally have no idea what I'm going to do with them after I've read and reviewed them. My fascination towards ARCs, is the fact that there are limited copies available. Once I (hopefully, somewhere along the track) receive ARCs from publishers and authors, I think a new feature is added to them. That they're not just something that I've won, but it's something that I've earned. And that, compared to when I used to think that authors were along the same line as celebrities (though really, authors are much nicer and more approachable!), is cool.

What do you do with ARCs, storage-wise?
I've kept a section of sorts in my bookshelf. I mean, I group my ARCs up, so they're together, and have tried to order them according to their release date, in hopes that I'll get to reading them quicker that way.

Giveaways before book release date? Yay or nay?
I don't have issues with giveaways of ARCs after their release date...but before, then it's a bit iffy. I think it depends on who will be receiving the ARC. What intentions do they have, what are they planning to do with the ARC? Hopefully, read it and review it, which is the sole purpose of an ARC. Or rather, to gain publicity, which is achieved through early reviews (as well as other promotional activity).
Actually, giveaways I'm not too worried about. I mean, at least they worked toward receiving that copy. Many giveaways require hoop-jumping, so if one is determined to read an early copy of their anticipated books, then I believe that is fine. Rather, it is a good thing.

So long as people continue to buy the books when it releases, I have no problem with that.

What do you do if you see a listing on eBay for a book not yet released, ARC?
Last night I was going through eBay, and saw two different sellers selling huge portions of ARCs. And for quite cheap, I'd say. I reported them, but whether anything can really be done about it isn't up to me. I really wish people would adhere to the "Not for resale" sign that is plastered on most, if not all, Advance Readers Copies. I've read that many people who work in book publishing companies are the major culprits-- they know their actions are wrong, but they don't care as long as they can get a quick buck. It's terrible, and I'm sure authors wouldn't be too happy that their books are being thrown around.

For that matter, what do authors & publishers think of ARC giveaways/ trading & selling?

Thanks for reading, and please comment, let me know what you think! :) Also, if you have any other questions you want to ask on the topic of ARCs, just type it up. For much more information, you can go visit Kristi at The Story Siren.


Blueicegal ♥ said... [Reply]

I tend to review an ARC a few weeks before its release date, a month before perhaps? i agree, i do cherish my ARC more and i always admire the people who are willing to give theirs away because i don't think i could do that unless i was sure they would read and review and treat it right *yes im very protective of mine* lol. that's just how i feel though :)

Wolfe said... [Reply]

I have yet to recieve an ARC. i have gotten some books to review that i thought were ARC, but later found out they had maybe been released a week or two earlier. Which is fine, I was honored enough that my blog was chosen. I really enjoyed this post. My question there a differance in the ARC copy to the published copy. As in, if i am at a used book store and browsing, can i tell the differance between the two?

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